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Get 10% in commissions on successful referrals.

Earn commissions from all qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised. 

Affiliate Program Details

**I. Program Sign-Up**

– Individuals sign up for the affiliate program.
– Upon approval, affiliates receive their unique affiliate link.

**II. Affiliate Benefits**

– Affiliates receive a 10% discount on their purchases.
– They also receive a discount code to offer their followers, providing an additional 10% off.

**III. Commission Structure**

– Affiliates earn commissions based on the purchase price.
– Commissions may be slightly lower if followers use the discount code.
– The program offers competitive commission rates.

**IV. Promotion and Marketing**

– Affiliates promote the Distro California brand and products.
– They can mention influencers like KB Black Hero and online reviewers to enhance credibility.

**V. Affiliate Marketing Materials**

– Distro California plans to create a dedicated webpage for affiliates.
– The webpage will provide marketing materials, including banners, stickers, and tent cards with QR codes.
– Affiliates can order these materials to use for events in their cities, helping to expand brand visibility.
– Custom marketing materials:
Hidden store page of common marketing materials (Stickers, banners, table tents) for affiliates to purchase at wholesale prices (payment gateway + order tracking)(ROB) + special discount codes for comped orders through Chris for select partners

**VI. Affiliate Responsibilities**

– Affiliates actively promote Distro California products through their unique affiliate link and discount code.
– They share these resources with their followers and networks.
– Affiliates participate in events and use marketing materials to generate interest and sales.

**VII. Commission Tracking**

– The affiliate program tracks affiliate-generated sales and commissions earned.
– Commissions are paid out to affiliates on a regular basis.

**VIII. Program Support**

– Distro California provides ongoing support to affiliates, addressing questions and concerns.
– Dedicated contact channels are available for affiliate inquiries.

**IX. Performance Monitoring**

– Distro California tracks affiliate performance, including sales generated and the effectiveness of marketing materials.
– Adjustments and improvements are made based on performance data.

**X. Program Growth**

– The program aims to attract more affiliates over time.
– Expansion efforts include outreach to potential affiliates and the continuous enhancement of marketing materials.

**XI. Compliance and Legal**

– The affiliate program adheres to legal and compliance standards for affiliate marketing.
– Transparency and ethical practices are emphasized.

**XII. Program Evaluation**

– Periodic evaluations assess the program’s success in promoting the brand and products.
– Adjustments and enhancements are made to optimize results.

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